Time Stops (시간이 멈추면)

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Artist: Park Wan Kyu (박완규)
Released: April 06, 2016
Korean Title: 시간이 멈추면
English Title: Time Stops
Genre: K-pop, OST
Label: LOEN Entertainment
Album: Jackpot OST – Part 1

Park Wan Kyu - Time Stops (시간이 멈추면)


Name: 박완규 / Park Wan Kyu
Profession: Singer, actor
Birthdate: 1973-Nov-07 (age 42)
Star sign: Scorpio
Talent agency: Radio Star Entertainment (라디오스타 엔터테인먼트).

He is a famous South Korean singer. He was a lead vocalist of the band Boohwal, and left them to release his first solo album. He was known with  the title track "Thousand Years of Love" in 1999.

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