The Legend of Chusen (2016) OST

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The Legend of Chusen is a 2016 Chinese Xianxia romantic television series based on Xiao Ding (蕭鼎)'s best-seller novel Zhu Xian.

Original title: 青云志
Romanized title: Qing Yun Zhi
Also known as: Noble Aspirations, Qing Yun Zhi
Broadcast Network: Hunan Satellite TV

Starring: Li Yifeng Zanilia Zhao Yang Zi Cheng Yi Qin Junjie Mao Zijun Tang Yixin TFBOYS

Main Cast

  • Li Yifeng as Zhang Xiaofan (张小凡) / Gui Li (鬼厉)
  • Wang Yuan as Young Zhang Xiaofan
  • Determined and loyal, Zhang Xiaofan is a hardworking man with average skills; but because of fate, he is able to learn the cultivation from Fu (Buddhist), Dao (Taoist), and Mo (Heretics); and becomes the world's number one swordsman. After the war with the Ghost King, he enters the Ghost King faction, and becomes his right-handed man Gui Li, also known as "Master Blood".
  • Zanilia Zhao as Bi Yao (碧瑶)
  • Daughter of the Ghost King; Bi Yao is beautiful, elegant and bright. A noble girl who can do anything for love, she died for Zhang Xiaofan under the Zhu Xian Sword, causing the transformation of his lifetime.
  • Yang Zi as Lu Xueqi (陆雪琪)
  • Said to be a "fairy from nine skies" for her beauty that can enchant the entire country, Lu Xueqi is one of the most skillful and talented disciples of the Noble Sect. She falls for Zhang Xiaofan after undergoing life and death situations with him.

Theme songs

  • 诛仙 Jam Hsiao
  • 如果我们不曾相遇 Mayday (Ashin , Monster, Stone, Masa ,Ming)
  • 青云志 June 吴俊余
  • 英雄有路 Richie Ren
  • 你有没有深爱过 Rene Liu
  • 青衣谣 郁可唯 / Yisa Yu
  • 离思 Henry Huo unknown
  • 时光笔墨 Zhang Bichen
  • 浮诛 Zhang Jie