Sparrow 麻雀 (2016) OST

Album/playlist Sparrow 麻雀 (2016) OST file format: Mp3, number of tracks: 4, genre Chinese OST, language Chinese

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Sparrow 麻雀 is set during the revolutionary time in Shanghai, based on a novel of the same name of Hai Fei. During the republican revolution, Chen Shen is a secret agent under Special Operations Executive Director Bi Zhongliang, among the agents called “sparrow”.

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV

Airing Date: 2016

Producer: Zhong Cong Hai 钟聪海

Director: Jin Chen 金琛, Zhou Yuan Zhou 周远舟

Screenwriter: Hai Fei 海飞 (also author of the Novel)

Main cast

  • Li Yi Feng (Fall In Love Like A Star) as Chen Shen 陈深. An undercover agent with a mission to infiltrate the headquarters under Edward Zhang’s.
  • Zhou Dong Yu (The Ark of Mr. Zhou) as Xu Bi Cheng 徐碧城. Female lead who is under principle married to Zhang Ruo Yun’s character.
  • Edward Zhang Lu Yi (Love Me If You Dare) as Bi Zhong Liang 毕忠良. Li Yi Feng’s boss.
  • Andrew Tam (Love Me If You Dare) as Su San Sheng 苏三省. Ruthless officer carrying out brutal acts but deep down he desires a warm love.
  • Zhang Ruo Yun (Wu Xin The Monster Killer) as Tang Shan Hai 唐山海. He’s an agent who is against Li Yi Feng after he begins his secret spy mission.

Theme songs

  • 飞 - 韩雷
  • 风中芭蕾 - 郁可唯 / Yisa Yu
  • 爱情往事 - 宁桓宇 Ning Huanyu
  • 迷途 - Zhang Ruo Yun