Precious Youth (2016) OST

Album/playlist Precious Youth (2016) OST file format: Mp3, number of tracks: 3, genre Chinese OST, language Chinese

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Native title: 那年青春我们正好
Also Known as: Na Nian Qing Chun Wo Men Zheng Hao; That Youth We Just Right;
Director: Zhù Dōngníng, Zhōu Hǎijūn

Precious Youth tells of the love and friendship between academically motivated student Liu Ting and the problematic yet passionate Xiao Xiaojun from their college days in 1997 to current times.

那年青春我们正好 音乐原声

Track listing

  • 越走越远的旅客 - 王铮亮 / Reno Wang
  • 人生是一次热血的流浪 - 張磊
  • 只是没有如果 - Jane Zhang