Our Times (2015) OST

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我的少女時代 Our Times 電影歌曲

Our Times ( 我的少女時代, The Time of My Teenage Years) is a 2015 Taiwanese romance film directed by Frankie Chen.

The movie takes us on a 20 year journey through through the life of the main character, Truly Lin. Seen mostly as a flashback to how her life wound up where it is, we follow Truly back to her senior high school year and watch as she teams up with TaiYu to break apart growing love between rivals Ouyang and Minmin. Through the course of the next year we watch all 4 teens mature, and in the end, nothing is as originally desired even though Truly and Taiyu wind up with whom they initially wanted.

Track listing

小幸运 - Hebe 
你說他 / All About Him -  Popu Lady
忘情水 - Andy Lau
爱火 - Eric Suen
U Can’t Touch This - Mc Hammer
失恋阵线联盟 草蜢 - (蘇志威 / Edmond So Chi Wai, - 蔡一智)
我们青春 - Dino Lee