Monk Comes Down the Mountain (2015) OST

Album/playlist Monk Comes Down the Mountain (2015) OST by Zhang Jie file format: Mp3, number of tracks: 2, genre Chinese OST, language Chinese

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Monk Comes Down the Mountain is a 2015 Chinese film directed by Chen Kaige and starring Wang Baoqiang, Aaron Kwok, Chang Chen, Lin Chi-ling, Fan Wei, Yuen Wah, Vanness Wu, Wang Xueqi, Danny Chan, Lam Suet and Dong Qi.

  • Chinese name: 道士下山
  • English name: Monk Comes Down the Mountain(2015)
  • Countrys: China, USA
  • Director: Kaige Chen 
  • Actors: Aaron Kwok, Baoqiang Wang, Chen Chang, Jaycee Chan

道士下山 音乐原声

Track listing

  • 一念之间 - Zhang Jie
  • 娑婆世界 -  Zhang Jie