Best relaxing music after work and after study

Album/playlist Best relaxing music after work and after study file format: Mp3, number of tracks: 20, genre Spa, Yoga, Meditation, language

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If you’ve just got home after a long, hard day at work or school. Why not have a rest and listen to stress relief songs. Or You are looking for something to help you relax before bed, this playlist will help you fall asleep faster.

Track listing

  • She Neva Knows (Piano Cover) - An Coong 
  • Snowdream - Bandari
  • Tears In Heaven 
  • You're Beautiful - Kenny G
  • I Will Always Love You
  • Childhood Memory Bandari
  • When You Tell Me That You Love Me 
  • Jardin Secret - Richard Clayderman
  • Unbreak My Heart
  • Going Home - Kenny G
  • As Long As You Love Me
  • Songs From A Secret Garden - Secret Garden
  • River Flows In You - Yiruma
  • Marriaged D'amour - Richard Clayderman
  • How Deep Is Your Love
  • Godfather
  • The Moment-  Kenny G
  • La Ragazza Di Bube 
  • Matsuri Kitaro 
  • Romance De Amour -  Francis Goya
  • Hungarian Sonata - Richard Clayderman