Best Kpop English Songs

Album/playlist Best Kpop English Songs file format: Mp3, number of tracks: 50, genre Pop, language Korean

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  1. Smile Lena Park 00:04:47
  2. Bicycle (Eng ver.) Jung In 00:03:58
  3. 2 Different Tears (English Version) Wonder Girls 00:03:24
  4. Save It (English Ver.) ViViD 00:02:37
  5. Tears Run Dry (눈물이 마르면... English Ver.) Brian Joo 00:04:27
  6. Golden Sky (English Version) Jessica 00:03:16
  7. Be The One Jeff Bernat 00:03:38
  8. Broken (English Ver.) Lydia Lee 00:03:46
  9. A Little Braver - Uncontrollably Fond OST Part 14 Unknown 00:03:26
  10. Go (English Ver.) Saltnpaper 00:03:12
  11. Now And Forever Jo Jung Hee 00:03:22
  12. Falling Crazy In Love (English Version) Jessica 00:04:02
  13. Angel 2 Me (International Ver.) McKay 00:03:30
  14. Urban Green (English Ver.) Lim Kim 00:05:03
  15. Vineyard Oohyo 00:03:25
  16. 8Dayz (English Ver.) Megan 00:03:18
  17. Love Me The Same (English Version) Jessica 00:03:25
  18. Dear Santa (English Version) Girls' Generation-TTS 00:03:58
  19. DR FEEL GOOD (English ver.) Rania 00:03:52
  20. Once In A Lifetime (English Ver.) Shinhwa 00:04:56
  21. Love Song (English Ver.) Rain 00:03:46
  22. It's Over Now (사랑하다 끝났어 English Version) Brian Joo 00:03:52
  23. I'll Be There (English Version) Tae Yang 00:03:19
  24. I don't know why CNBlue 00:03:44
  25. Sugarfree (Original Edit) (English Version) T-Ara 00:03:56
  26. Can’t Nobody (English Version) 2NE1 00:03:27
  27. Spring I Love You Best Big Baby Driver 00:02:28
  28. KEY OF HEART (English Version) BOA 00:05:02
  29. Love Alone Miss A 00:03:33
  30. Girlfriend (English Ver.) Jay Park 00:03:17
  31. Nobody (2012 English Version) Wonder Girls 00:03:36
  32. The Boys (English Version) SNSD 00:03:47
  33. I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better (English Ver.) G.NA 00:03:33
  34. I Love You Horan 00:05:07
  35. Memories Of The Sea (English Version) IU 00:03:34
  36. In The Name Of Love (English Version) KEN 00:03:21
  37. Heartbeat (English Ver) Amber 00:03:26
  38. Big Mini World (English Version) Jessica 00:03:11
  39. After Years Lee Jin Ah 00:02:15
  40. Run To You Lasse Lindh 00:03:58
  41. Wedding Dress (English Version) Tae Yang 00:04:08
  42. As I Am Baek Yerin 00:03:54
  43. A Little Lovin (English Ver.) eSNa 00:03:16
  44. Bye, Autumn - Jealousy Incarnate OST Part 5 Saltnpaper 00:04:01
  45. Fly (English Version) Jessica 00:04:12
  46. Step Step - Jealousy Incarnate OST Part 3 Suran 00:04:13
  47. Song For Love (Eng Ver.) LYn (린) 00:03:55
  48. Eyes, Nose, Lips (English Version) Unknown 00:03:36
  49. Count On Me (Nothin' On You)(Full Melody English Version) Jay Park 00:04:40
  50. Trap (English Ver.) Henry 00:03:46

Listen to awesome English versions of  beloved K Pop songs. 

Wedding Dress - TAE YANG

Just know I’m here for you 
All clear for you from night to sun 
God, I’ve been near to you, the feel of you gives me a rush 
It makes me feel that what we have is real 
It could never be too late oh yeah yeah

Can’t Nobody2NE1

So watch out when we come for you
Cause playtime it’s done for you
It’s my time and it’s my time
I’m pound for pound, best to ever come around


Look in my eyes
Can you see my heartbeat
Swirling everywhere I go
Look in my eyes
I will be next to you
You let me be on the line

The Boys (English Version) - SNSD

Girls bring the boys out
I wanna dance right now
We can show 'em how the girls get down
Yes we go for more than zero
Number one everyone should know
Check this out

Go (Cheese in the Trap OST Part.5) - SALTNPAPER

Hey would you believe me
If i said i miss you
in love you're in love
We were in love
Oh my love