Postman (포스트맨)

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Postman (포스트맨) is a ballad duo that debuted in 2010.


  • Sungtae (성태) – Vocals
  • Shin Jihu (신지후) – Vocals

Their music is soulful and at times emotional. The song 건널목에서 (At the crossing) is about seeing an old/lost love unexpectantly at a road crossing. This song was inspired by the lyricist real life experience, but Sungtae has also been in this same situation before. The song 신촌을 못가 (I can’t go to Shinchon) is about not wanting to stay home but also not being able to go somewhere trying to avoid seeing you old/lost love with someone new. These two songs were written by the same person. They have done some more upbeat songs, but have found that the sad and not so upbeat songs fit their voices better.

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