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June 吴俊余 (June Wu) is Chinese mainland singer, actor, graduated from the Beijing modern music training institute. 2010 to participate in Hunan TV hosted the "2010 Happy Boys" won the Chengdu Division runner-up, the ninth. Its handsome appearance and sunny smile and the affinity of the appeal of the magnetic voice by fans of the favorite, after the game to film and television in the development and play a major role in many film and television drama, becoming China's most popular film niche one.

Roman: Wu Junyu
English name: June
Nationality: The People's Republic of China
Ethnic: Han nationality
Born: March 7, 1992 in Wenjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China
Professional: artist, singer, actor
Language: Chinese
Beijing Modern Music Training Institute
Music type Chinese popular


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  1. 青云志 00:04:24