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Kim Seok Jin (김석진) also known as "Jin (진)" Is a South Korean Singer And Rapper From a Korean Boy Group called "BTS".Kim Seok Jin Was Born in December 4th of 1992 in a City Town called Anyang-Gwangcheon wich is Located in South Korea,He has a Father , Mother and an Older Brother,He Knows Chinese (Mandarin) and His Hobbies are Cooking.

Jin is a very Close friend of TOPP DOGG's Kidoh Because Kidoh was Suppose to be a Member of BTS But Due to Some Problems Kidoh couldn't be a Member of BTS and He Left the Group in 2011,It is Said that He's the One that Cooks very well between the members of BTS,V,Jimin,Jungkook,J-Hope,Suga and RAP Monster used to say that Jin is The member who has the most nicer body in the group.He is Very Close to V But yet He Loves and Adores Bangtan's Maknae. (Jungkook),The Members say that whenever Jin is Hungry he Blinks his Right out too much.Hi's Role model is BIGBANG's T.O.P,Fans Call him The Pink Princess".

BTS Members Use to say that Jin is a Very Calm and Nice guy but when everybody is Toguether He Turns into a Really hyperactive Person,He Also Participated in Jo Won's Music Video "I'm Da One".

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