Daisuke Namikawa

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Daisuke Namikawa is a Japanese voice actor who started acting at age 8 and is sometimes mistaken for fellow voice actor Daisuke Hirakawa.

Native name: 浪川 大輔
Born: April 2, 1976 Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Voice actor, Singer
Years active: 1984–
Agent: Stay-Luck

Namikawa Daisuke's real birthday was on March 29, 1976, but was changed to April 2, 1976 in the family registry.

He left Across Entertainment and created his own talent agent "Stay Luck" on April 1, 2014.

In a band with Takashi Fujisaki called Jin-Ger PARADISE, and guest appeared in Kiramune Music Festival 2009 on November 29, 2009 to sing VoICE, and EVER DREAM (Kiramune Theme Song) together with other Kiramune Stars. He is the fourth member of Kiramune Artist! His first mini-album I.D. released on June 23, 2010, second mini-album ROOTERS released on July 13, 2011, and third mini-album Ring released on February 13, 2013. UTAO (single) released on April 4, 2012 and Recollection (single) released on June 25, 2014.

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